Pyrex Expert Touch pan 28 cm for induction

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Pyrex Expert Touch pan Ø 28 cm for induction with non-stick surface
The pan can be used for all hob tips.


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Pyrex Expert Touch pan 28 cm for induction

 with non-stick surface.
Don’t take your cooking lightly!
To achieve perfect cooking, a nice golden color without ever burning food, you need suitable pans. This is offered by the Expert Touch pans. By combining the performance of stainless steel with a 3D textured bottom, which ensures perfect baking of prepared food without burning it. Pyrex® Expert Touch pans, baking pans, pots, woks and grills are equipped with a reinforced 3-layer coatingň. Which ensures preparation without burning and is easy to clean. The advantage is that the Pyrex Expert Touch pan 28 cm for induction pan with a non-stick surface can also go to the dishwasher. The pan, depending on the selected diameter and height, is suitable for both smaller and larger families. Which size you choose is up to you. For easy preparation of a person’s food, for example eggs, roast beef, preparation of a team, heating of already cooked food, roasting meat :-), stewing meat, roasting bacon 🙂. Or you can also choose from Optima + pans
The result: Cooking is a joy!
Product benefits:
– Strong induction base ensuring optimal heat distribution and homogeneous cooking
– Exclusive handle ensuring stability and handling comfort
– Fast heating
– Easy handling
– Comfortable handle with silicone insert and Soft-Touch coating does not slip and does not transfer heat.
Both pans and pots are suitable for use on all types of stoves, including induction.


Founded in 1915, the Pyrex® brand has always anticipated expectations and changes in homes, so over the years it has offered families new ideas for preparation, cooking, table serving and much more. Thanks to constant innovation, Pyrex® products have become privileged partners in the kitchen and accompany millions of households to help them cook successfully.

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Weight 08 kg
Dimensions 46 × 27 × 11 cm
For induction


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