Frying pans for induction cookers
have the best cooking properties. The patented non-stick surface makes our pans, baking trays and pans 1 class induction cookware. Induction dishes have a particularly fast response. Accidentally switched on induction hobs cannot heat up, so nothing burns. Frying pans will also save electricity on induction cookers thanks to fast cooking, no energy loss by radiation, precise tempering,

What is induction
The term electromagnetic induction (also called Faraday induction) refers to the creation of an electric field by changing the magnetic flux density.
Simply put, the electric coil creates an energy field that is converted to heat on the magnetic bottom of the dishes. Electromagnetic induction was discovered in 1831 by Michael Farady. Michael Farady came across it more or less by accident when he tried to reverse the function of the electromagnet in an experiment.

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